how will my hair grow back soon after radiation therapy?

Question by Mikayla: how will my hair develop back after radiation therapy?
just before my hair started slipping out if was about medium rough texture. (i am african american)

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Response by tealzebra3
Radiation therapy. Radiation therapy only influences the hair that is found inside the discipline of radiation. For instance, if you are handled with radiation remedy to the pelvis, you could shed hair in the pubic spot. Hair loss is dependent on the dose and technique of radiation therapy. Hair generally grows back in the region of radiation treatment after a number of months, though it could be thinner or of a various texture. When quite higher doses of radiation are employed to treat most cancers, the hair may not grow back again or it may possibly grow again thinner in the region the place radiation therapy was acquired.

source: http://www.most person/All+About+Cancer/Managing+Most cancers/Handling+Facet+Consequences/Hair+Reduction+or+Alopecia

I hope this aids love, very good luck with your radiation treatments and God bless.

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