Im fifteen many years aged and i have Alopecia areata ? what need to i do?

Concern by : Im fifteen many years old and i have Alopecia areata ? what should i do?
i have like 13 months with it my hair is falling out ? what ought to ido apart from contacting a doctor ?? help plss

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Response by Ian
There is no heal for alopecia areata. Hair frequently re-grows on its personal. Therapy can aid the hair re-develop far more swiftly. A skin doctor may prescribe to support the hair re-grow a lot more swiftly. When a man or woman has alopecia areata, the hair will begin to re-grow when the entire body gets the correct indicators. Sometimes this occurs with out remedy. Even with treatment, new hair reduction can take place. Every thing depends on how the immune system reacts. If you really feel ashamed by hair reduction, there are things you can do to disguise patchy hair reduction:
•Style your hair to protect the bald spots.
•Wear a wig, cap, hat, or scarf. These do not interfere with hair re-expansion.
•Some folks shave the head.
•Use make-up to attract lacking eyebrows.

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