How prolonged will it consider for hair to grow again?

Query by Chris Kim: How lengthy will it consider for hair to grow once again?
About nine months back (June) I would scratch my scalp with my nails a great deal lead to it would itch. Then I quite considerably damaged my scalp causing enormous hair reduction >.<. I went to a hair clinic and got it fixed about 2 months ago and so I was just wondering how long it will take for the new hairs to become thick again. As of now the microscopic hairs that are coming out grew a centimeter. Very best answer:

Response by Laquandanaytisha Brown
just get weave female

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  1. mali112297

    Most likely a month or two depending on how bad it is ?

  2. It grows half and inch every month so it will take a very long time make sure to keep it healthy and don’t use heat then it will grow slower massage your scalp when you put on shampoo to help it get the nutrients better when you massage it with shampoo not conditioner drink lots of water and if you work out your hair would be nice and healthy which will make it grow more

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