Help me, I am 20 and possessing hair decline?

Question by Yussiiii: Aid me, I am 20 and possessing hair reduction?
I am male
20 yrs previous
getting hair decline

how do i lessen it, I largely prefer house solutions

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Solution by hala
It could be genetic and there might not be everything you can do to avert it.

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  1. Alissa Peppray

    First you should consult your doctor to see if it is a medical issue. There are special shampoos out there as well that will treat specific hair loss. You can also massage tea tree oil in your scalp to help with hair growth.

  2. Mukunda M

    In my teens/early twenties I suffered severe loss and I discovered this natural treatment which completely regrew my hair on my crown bald spot and where receded at front. Read this testimonial emailed me from a user of the treatment: Mo Sratum(on Y! Answers). You can contact him.
    Subject: HAIR LOSS! OMG!
    Message: Hi,
    “You may remember me, Mo Satrum, the guy with the constant questioning about the hair loss, well I’ve been doing it for 2 months now and it’s working wonders! My hair loss increased the first few weeks but it gradually slowed down and my hair is gradually going back to normal as it were before. I was always told that hair loss was genetic and you could do nothing about it, but you’ve proved everyone wrong and even I had my doubts before starting your treatment but I cannot describe how much you’ve turned my life around! Thank you I don’t know where I would be without you”

    Use extra virgin olive oil and massage into entire scalp. Then brush every part of scalp fast and firmly so it irritates the scalp. OK if it reddens scalp but stop short of making scalp too sore. Do 110/120 strokes at beginning and gradually build up to more. You may be apprehensive about irritating scalp – believe me I was too. It will force new growth as it unplugs the blocked hair ducts are cause of loss and prevent hair growth. They are the painful small itching spots.
    As you brush some shedding and breakage may occur at first but will gradually stop then new hairs will appear and will be weak looking and sparse. Keep up the brushing and do not be concerned if brushing uproots them, as they WILL re-appear even stronger. The brush has to be a PALM HELD oval military brush with 1/2 ” medium stiff boar bristles. See them on Amazon. e.g. DIANE Pure Bristle Military Brush (Model: 8114.).
    Initially, for two weeks, it’s best to do at night and leave oil on overnight and wash off in morning. Put a towel on pillow so you do not soil it. Later on do oiling/brushing once a day (anytime). Leave for 30 min then remove oil by washing using a totally non harming shampoo. SHAMPOOS are a main cause of hair loss as they have countless hair, scalp and even health harming harsh and toxic ingredients. Dandruff shampoos have even more toxic ingredients. See this site “Skin Deep Database” and look at shampoos and you will see which are the most harmful and others which are safe or only minimally harming. You will see that many claimed by makers to be organic and natural are not and also have hair and scalp harming toxic ingredients.

    I truly believe I escaped the fate of my grandfather, my father, my two younger brothers and a teenage nephew through this treatment. All are, or were, completely, or very nearly bald. Treatment clearly disproves loss is genetic.

    SOURCE(S): Many years research, self experimentation using natural treatments for hair loss, regrowth and cures of skin, scalp and hair disorders