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hair loss therapy for lengthy hair?

Concern by pharmaX: hair decline treatment method for prolonged hair? Im a 22 yr outdated woman. I obtained wholesome hair but not really as significantly as I would want it to be. I come to feel like a unfastened a lot of hair when styling it, i attempt not to exaggerate with heat resources as I know they can hurt your hair but I nevertheless use them regularly. I wished to know if there is any dependable product out there that would stop hair decline, anything at all you may have attempted or know of. many thanks Ideal answer: Reply by SanaI guess you need to use Dove Hair Slide Remedy What do you think? Reply beneath!

my 13 12 months outdated son has a bald place but not wingworm how do u make it the hair develop back again and how lengthy?

Question by nicholas b: my thirteen year previous son has a bald location but not wingworm how do u make it the hair develop back and how long? in the back again of his head appropriate in the middle Greatest solution: Response by tearsofmephistoRub tomato juice mixed with lemur blood (watered down) on the bald spot 2 times a working day, every working day, for 2 months. Cease right after Exactly two months. Then hold out two months and if there is no visible modify then repeat the method. Add your possess reply in the feedback!

How lengthy would it get for me to expand my hair out from 15in to 25in?

Concern by Amanda: How lengthy would it take for me to grow my hair out from 15in to 25in? I do this scorching olive oil remedy on my hair everyday and hang upside down for 4mins and leave on the oil for 2hrs and clean it out with just shampoo and this is suppose to make your hair expand 3-4 in in a week but I want to know other methods to make it grow truly quickly just before august eighth remember to assist! Thank you 🙂 Very best reply: Reply by StellaInitial, i never advocate you to do ur hair like that every day, it is not risk-free and u may possibly injury ur hair even if it truly is with scorching olive oil. Do it like three-four occasions for each 7 days max, not more. Second, the hair normally will take like at the very least a thirty…

Soon after how lengthy hair will grow soon after chemothrapy and will they attain the length, individual had prior to chemo?

Query by Manzoor: After how prolonged hair will increase right after chemothrapy and will they attain the duration, affected person experienced prior to chemo? My spouse had chemotherapy due to breast cancer. She experienced additional ordinary long hair prior to treatment method. Will she get the identical old long hair again and following how extended Best answer: Solution by BartIf you had chemotherapy, this is a standard timetable: two to 3 weeks right after chemotherapy ends: delicate fuzz 1 thirty day period soon after: real hair commences to grow at its standard fee two months after: an inch of hair How long it takes to expand again a entire head of hair (and pubic hair, lashes, and brows if you dropped them also) differs from particular person to particular person. Typically, the hair most likely to tumble out is the hair that tends to develop back again the fastest. The…

Is biotin 1000mcg very good ample for hair growth and how lengthy does it take to grow ?

Query by Adriana: Is biotin 1000mcg very good ample for hair expansion and how lengthy does it take to expand ? I have genuinely slim hair and i got a good deal of hair reduction i read biotin functions excellent for hair pores and skin and nails. I scarcely started taking them for a few days now . How prolonged does it just take for it to be noticeable ? Very best answer: Answer by KaroleeAt least a 7 days and attempt some F.A.S.T shampoo and conditioner they have a great deal of biotin in them and they are Amazing for hair thickening and progress Give your answer to this concern under!

What dosage of Biotin need to I take to get lengthy hair?

Query by Lynzi Gurl: What dosage of Biotin need to I take to get lengthy hair? I need to have prolonged hair and on the web I see so a lot of alternatives of Biotin like 5000mg or 10000mcg, what dosage of biotin should I take? Ideal response: Solution by Sur La MerBiotin by itself is not heading to do that for your hair, that is like have a vehicle and not use gasoline. You need all the healthier foodstuff from Mother Mother nature, not just biotin. Do you know what is actually in the biotin?     Biotin – cauliflower, liver, salmon, carrots, bananas, cereals, yeast, and soy flour. Maintain in thoughts that biotin content is diminished when foodstuff is cooked or preserved. One YA poster induced her to have key breakouts from supplements. Yet another poster stated: ” i took biotin to develop my hair out, and it finished…

How lengthy will it just take to elevate my iron amounts from a 35 to a 70?

Query by A B: How prolonged will it take to elevate my iron stages from a 35 to a 70? I take 2 sluggish FE iron nutritional supplements a working day (with orange juice) as nicely as Hall’s Vitamin C drops. My medical doctor told me that as my iron amounts increase, the hair reduction i have been going through will subside. Many thanks for any help! Ideal answer: Reply by christopheri typically go on an iron prosperous diet program when i have a blood donation appointment coming it will take about 7 days and my iron stage doubles of training course you an iron overdose is possible and probably harmful so i only for a week. my diet normally consist of spinach salad mixed with pine nuts and grape fruit for evening meal I change between liver and grilled salmon with environmentally friendly veggies generally french green beans and…

what are lengthy term consequences of celiac ailment?

Query by shirley_corsini: what are lengthy time period outcomes of celiac illness? I was diagnosed with IBS years back and also Fibromyalgia, I am commencing to believe that may be improper. My granddaughter has experienced persistent diahhrea for 6 mos now and medical professional just suggests never be concerned. I’m nervous. Ideal response: Solution by jchas64651Harm to the tiny intestine and the resulting nutrient absorption issues place a man or woman with celiac illness at danger for malnutrition and anemia as effectively as numerous diseases and well being issues. Lymphoma and adenocarcinoma are cancers that can build in the intestine. Osteoporosis is a condition in which the bones grow to be weak, brittle, and inclined to breaking. Inadequate calcium absorption contributes to osteoporosis. Miscarriage and congenital malformation of the little one, this sort of as neural tube problems, are pitfalls for pregnant women with untreated celiac disease simply because of…

Nutritional vitamins although not taking in for a lengthy period of time of time?

Question by 345: Vitamins although not eating for a long period of time of time? I am 17 and 5’2 and ninety one.3 lbs and am striving to lose weight. I have not eaten in 4 times and am wondering if taking a variety of natural vitamins would preserve me from undergoing the facet outcomes of malnutrition, this sort of as hair decline, dizziness, heart problems, etc., whilenot getting bodyweight? I search gross and need to have to get rid of bodyweight so will natural vitamins perform on an vacant abdomen? Thanks! Best response: Answer by HansConsuming fruits cuz natural vitamins are not reliable What do you consider? Reply below!

Is it genuine that trying to keep your lengthy hair again too considerably can trigger hair decline in men?

Issue by Golgotha: Is it genuine that retaining your extended hair back as well much can lead to hair decline in men? I maintain it in a bun all the time. It’s very lengthy now. Loosing a whole lot more hair in the previous few years. I am forty three, just age? Or as my sister, who experienced a small cosmetology education mentioned, “Which is why it truly is falling out, you retain it back again far too much”. Isn’t that a myth? What leads to hair loss? I did not loose it at the age most men do. If not just anxiety or one thing, why now? Best answer: Solution by ?My reply is – NO But I can give you some data on the subject matter: Minoxidil is an antihypertensive vasodilator medicine which also slows or stops hair reduction and promotes hair regrowth. Now off-patent, it is available…

How lengthy should i wait around among doing all these point to my hair?

Question by Jamanda Parker: How long should i wait around between undertaking all these factor to my hair? I have “african american” hair and would like a relaxer. Ive been acquiring them for years, but the new hairstyle in acquiring requires me to bleach all of it. In any other case the colors im getting will not demonstrate. So, im acquiring a relaxer, my hair bleached, and colored with 2-3 Diffrent hues. (and lower a tiny) need to i chill out it 1st or bleach it very first? How prolonged ought to i wait before i do the other? And how long do i have to wait ahead of i can add the color? Best answer: Answer by Sur La MerI know you said you’ve got been acquiring them, but I do not advise them. BRAZILIAN BLOWOUT Had BEEN BANNED by the Meals & Drug Adm. Sept. 12, 2011. Google…

How lengthy do i want to develop out my relaxer before i can do a texturizer?

Issue by shoebe752000: How extended do i need to have to grow out my relaxer ahead of i can do a texturizer? My hairstyle proper now is really quick ( about an one inch lengthy all the way above), and it is really coarse, when obtaining a relaxer, I would go for bone straight and then have it hot curled. I am trying not to use so much heat on it right now, due to the fact i have a sort of alopecia, but i like it small, and would like to see what the all-natural curl routine would be for me. Very best response: Answer by ma6 weeks What do you believe? Answer beneath!

What is actually the greatest trick to use in buy for my hair to expand lengthy and healthful?

Concern by Destany: What is the best trick to use in order for my hair to expand extended and wholesome? My hair is down to the decrease portion of my neck. I want to increase it out until finally it is down to my waistline, but It really is having without end. Finest solution: Answer by TaylorDo lookup and destroy. It is when you go through your hair and cut off the lifeless/break up stops. And serious condition each week Include your very own answer in the responses!

How lengthy does it get to discover the results of Rogaine and do I need to have it?

Issue by Andy: How lengthy does it just take to observe the outcomes of Rogaine and do I need it? Hair Background I have usually experienced thick black hair, despite the fact that it is very curly. In current several years as a result of dying it and employing hair products, I have recognized the entrance and back of my scalp thinning a little little bit – the hair’s become whispy. I very first noticed the thinning when I was sixteen, but this was right after the initial time I bleached my hair. I do not believe there is any genetic background of male hair decline in my family members, so i am not certain what’s creating it – it could be a deficiency of rest as I have only been getting 3-four several hours of it a night time for the past yr, if not the hair merchandise from…

Alopecia Areata? how lengthy it will increase back again?

Query by : Alopecia Areata? how lengthy it will increase again? I am 14 several years old think im obtaining alopecia areata, i know it are unable to be treated but how long does it take to expand again my hair? i only have tiny patches and i’m likely to see a medical doctor up coming monday Ideal response: Answer by Chipmunx R OwsumHello, I am a fifteen yr old man from Indiana with alopecia and I am bald totally. Some thing you must know about it is it really is variable. For me, I had it when I was 5, only 2 patches, which grew again, but then immediately after 8 years it came again, and inside of the next eight months, I went from entire head of hair to almost bald, so I shaved the relaxation off. It really is been 12 months and no sign of new…

How lengthy does postpartum hair decline usually last?

Query by : How extended does postpartum hair decline usually very last? I have been shedding considering that my tiny one particular was one particular thirty day period previous. Huge clumps. She’s now 5 months outdated and my hair reduction doesn’t seem to be slowing down. My hairline is incredibly slender and scraggly. You will find no way I could set my hair in a pony because the hairline is virtually balding. Any insight would be a lot appreciated! Very best answer: Answer by Puspanjali RTake multivitamins after consultation with your medical doctor. Get vitamin E and Vitamin B.If you are anemic you may require to take iron health supplements. Examine your diet regime. Eat a diet plan wealthy in protein. Utilize egg and yogurt hair pack twice a week.You can count on to see the stop of postpartum hair decline by the time your little one has 1st birthday.…