Why is my hair breaking off?

Question by Tallace: Why is my hair breaking off?
Alright. effectively. I am fourteen a long time aged and my hair is breaking off! I’m mulatto and I straighten my hair each and every 3 times about. Properly when i do this I get a sink total of tiny small hairs. It really is gotten to the point where my hair will not likely grow anymore and and when I brush it or pull on it, it just breaks off. I have dyed and relaxed and straightened my hair before. remember to assist! thanks. 🙂

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Response by Izzy
you shouldnt dye it or unwind it or straighten it or absolutely nothing for about 6 several years. what youve completed to you hair has brought on you hair to be destroyed. its a excellent idea to preserve it normal until finally you are at least twenty. the harm will grown out eventually. you may well have to wait a even though. attempt your best to keep it all-natural. if it even now does breaks, the injury is probably nevertheless way too significant and my have handed via to the folicle. use aloe vera shampoo and use minimum conditioner. use lemon or lime juice for hairspray/hairgel. and dont straighten it anymore. the hurt is currently carried out and all you can do is cease applying warmth and chemical compounds to you hair to avert even far more. following a although, your hair will go back again to normal. good luck!
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  1. You’ve serious split ends! That’s all that is. My hair went like this ’cause I refused to get it cut ’cause I didn’t want it any shorter & kept dying & straightening my hair (Which really dries it out & makes split ends so much worse) & my hair was just a mess after.
    I’d recommend going to the hairdressers & getting a good couple in inches cut off it, it’ll help your hair so much in the long run! It’ll feel softer & healthier too. Try to avoid dying and straightening your hair too much once it’s cut ’cause it’ll just go back to that state only shorter!
    Hope I helped! Treat your hair well! Don’t make the same mistake as me! I now have shoulder length hair, it used to be much longer!

  2. Alice-Cooper-in-Wonderland

    because its so damaged obviously. I suggest you deep condition it and keep it away from heat more often and when you straighten your hair use heat protectant

  3. You should trim it chances are you have got split ends 🙂