Im a 24 yr old man and i have 9 little bald places on the again of my head anybody know what could cause that?

Query by carlo rossi: Im a 24 yr aged dude and i have nine small bald spots on the back of my head anybody know what could trigger that?
I have a bunch of modest little bald spots on the again of my head and am asking yourself whats leading to it so i can quit it from continuing. I utilized to shave my head and occasionally my hair would get caught in the blades simply because i didn’t oil it first but i doubt it pulled any hair out. My balds spots have no scars or discolorations or everything like that. Can any person know whats creating this?

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Reply by Lexi
Effectively, do you dress in hats?

My dad has a massive bald place spot on his head cuz he Often wears hats.

it might not be the very same the thing even though idk,but I hope this will help!

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